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Understanding Small Business Insurance

Starting a business is probably one of the biggest financial investments a person can make. Not only that, but business owners are often faced with difficult decisions on a daily basis, including what kind of insurance to get. No matter your industry, small businesses are especially vulnerable to certain risks. Selecting the right commercial insurance can help business owners manage that risk well. At Insurance Land in Orlando, Florida, our insurance professionals can explain your coverage options in detail so you know exactly what to expect. Read below or contact a member of our team to learn about the importance of small business insurance. 

The Benefits of Commercial Insurance

It is necessary for companies with employees to have some coverage as it is a requirement by law. This means that businesses normally get the bare minimum when it comes to insurance, but this isn’t necessarily the best approach to take. Different insurance policies can safeguard a company from financial loss, damage, accidents, and negligence, along with other claims. We believe it is prudent to have a personalized plan based on your unique needs. At Insurance Land, we give reassurance to entrepreneurs who want to safeguard their hard work. Our experienced team can offer you an all-encompassing policy plan, or you can opt for specific types of coverage. 

Business Property 

Commercial property insurance may pay to repair or replace any damaged inventory or equipment owned by your business. This property can include, but is not limited to, supplies and furniture as well as the office building itself. 

Commercial Automobile 

Commercial automobile insurance covers all kinds of commercial vehicles, such as company cars, trucks, and vans for use in business purposes. This may policy include liability coverage to pay for damages and repair costs in an accident.

Workers Compensation 

Any business that hires employees need to have their own insurance, also called workers compensation. This provides coverage for workers who are injured while working for your company, protecting you from potential lawsuits.

Commercial Umbrella 

Business owners do not always know how much liability insurance they will need to cover unexpected damages. A commercial umbrella policy is a great way to provide yourself with an extra safety blanket and gain a whole new level of financial security. 

Artisan Contractor 

An artisan contractor provides a specific service that can improve a business, including carpenters, electricians, roofers, exterminators, or even interior decorators. This insurance covers mistakes or damage caused by craftsmanship errors. 

Contact Insurance Land

Small businesses benefit our communities in a big way. Some insurance companies, however, can make it difficult or confusing to understand which policies are required to keep your business running. Since there are many types of insurance policies available to you in Central Florida, it is best to get a consultation first. At Insurance Land in Orlando, Florida, we work hard to determine your insurance needs to protect the investment you made in your company. Contact a friendly member of our team to learn more about small business insurance today.