How Dash Cams Help Your Insurance Claim

How Dash Cams Help Your Insurance Claim

Dashcams are relatively new devices that have been gaining in popularity for car owners. Placed in the center of the vehicle’s windshield just behind the rearview mirror, dashcams are a camera that continually records a driver’s view. They are an incredibly useful tool for motorists that provide a variety of convenient benefits. At Insurance Land in Orlando, Florida, our helpful team assists drivers in discovering new ways to make the insurance claims process easier for you and your family. Here we have provided some useful information about dashcams to save you time, money, and resources in case of an accident. 

Provide Invaluable Footage 

Though car insurance companies in the U.S. may not give drivers a financial discount for operating a dashcam, there are many ways this footage can help save you money in the future. For example, if you get into a car accident and can demonstrate you are not at fault due to the video in the dashcam, you can prevent your rates from rising unnecessarily. More than that, you can save yourself from the time and energy required for sorting through eyewitness accounts and photos. Since video is an exact representation of the event, there is also no need to need for you to have long discussions with your insurance provider. 

Successfully Fight Fraud 

Unfortunately, insurance fraud is a common crime that can cheat drivers and insurance providers out of thousands of dollars or more. When these individuals engage in a purposefully deceitful action, evidence of the event can be captured and handed over to your insurance company for review. This is especially true if the car accident comes down to one person’s testimony over another’s. Dashcams can provide greater peace of mind if you are ever wrongly accused of initiating a car accident. When fraudulent activities are reported, then there are fewer false claims that drive up the cost of rates for others. 

Capture Theft and Vandalism 

There are many different varieties of dashcams that can record when the engine of the car is turned on, which is excellent for capturing car accidents when they occur. However, other types of dashcams are motion-activated, which is useful when you are away from your car. This is helpful for detering auto break-ins and preventing your car from getting stolen. Not only that, you can record thieves or vandals when they attempt to break into your vehicle. Footage from the robbery can be used when filing a claim with your insurance provider. 

Avoiding Tickets and More 

Thousands of drivers in the U.S. are given tickets in error every day. For instance, a dashcam can help you avoid a speeding ticket if a police officer has incorrectly recorded your vehicle going over the limit. Recording your speed while driving is another added benefit of owning this piece of technology. 

It only takes one moment for a life-changing event to happen. If you are the victim of a car accident or other unfortunate circumstances, you need an insurance provider who is on your side. Insurance Land is dedicated to helping you find a policy that best fits your situation. Contact our team today for more information.