Insurance Options and Discounts

Even though it's important to know what insurance discounts you can take advantage of for your motorcycle; it's also important to know what you can possibly cover with a motorcycle insurance policy.

We offer a choice of coverages depending on your motorcycle insurance needs.

As you can see from the list below, the types of insurance discounts you can get on your motorcycle insurance have more to do with how responsible you are. I'm sure you don't need us to tell you that motorcycles are high risk. Please be careful when you ride.

  • Liability only
  • 10,000 Medical Coverage for the Florida Helmet Law (NEW)
  • Full packages (liability, comprehensive and collision).
  • Economy package (liability and comprehensive).
    • Comprehensive / Collision deductible up to $1,000
    • Liability limits up to 250/500/1000 for qualified risks
    • Discounted rates for storing your bike during the winter months
    • Additional equipment and safety apparel coverage up to $20,000
    • Towing and labor coverage
    • Roadside assistance coverage up to $400

All with flexible payment options to fit your budget! Get a quote online for your motorcycle insurance.

A Variety of Insurance Rate Discounts Available:

Of course, it's important to do you own research in getting the best price for motorcycle insurance, we've listed a few items for you to ponder.

  • Multiple motorcycle discounts of up to 30%
  • Multiple policy discounts of 10%
  • Safety / MSF discounts of 10%
  • Transfer/Renewal discount of 10%
  • Cruiser motorcycle discount of 5%
  • Motorcycle Association discount of 5% (for nationally recognized motorcycle riders clubs)
  • Florida Homeowners discount of 10%
  • Deductible Discounts up to 15%
  • Safe Driver discount on your driver's license up to 10%

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