Florida Boat Insurance


With so much waterfront property available in Central Florida, it’s only natural that Florida has a lot of water sports activities. Enjoying a day on the water either boating, fishing or water skiing can be both relaxing and entertaining. But having fun on your boat, yacht, watercraft or sailboat can also be disastrous. The last thing you should be concerned with is your financial liabilities.

Whether you use your boat for personal, commercial, or charter, we have an insurance policy for you for the following vessels.

Personal Watercraft
Small to Mid-Sized Pleasure Boats and Charter Boats
Commercial Boat, Sport Fisherman or Houseboat
Customized Yachts and Sail Boat Vessels

Affordable Florida boat, yacht, and watercraft insurance coverage includes:

Typically a boat insurance policy covers damage to the following items:

  1. The boat itself and the trailer and personal belongings
  2. Liability in case someone is hurt while aboard your vessel.
  3. Medical payments for yourself or your guests.e can sometimes save a substantial amount

Coverage usually covers the following areas:

Florida Boat Insurance

  • Theft of your boat or yacht
  • Collision
  • Fire
  • Sinking
  • Hull Damage
  • Boat Trailer Coverage
  • Watersports Liability
  • Injuries to another person
  • Damage to another watercraft with your boat or yacht

Insurance Land can shop multiple boat insurance carriers to see which policy will be best for you and your boat.

Florida Charter Boat Insurance

Florida Charter Boat Insurance

If you operate a charter boat, or other small vessel carrying passengers for hire, you have special legal and liability concerns. There are requirements for operator licensing, safety equipment and so on that you need to take into consideration. Similarly, the kinds of insurance you need are unique, in part because maritime law places extraordinary burdens of responsibility on the master of a vessel. Insurance Land can help you to navigate the waters of securing the appropriate charter boat insurance for your charter service.

Florida Ski Boat Insurance

Florida Ski Boat InsuranceAre you planning on taking family and friends out for a day of fun on the water in your new ski boat? Well, planning ahead will save you much headache in the end. Unfortunately, now and then boats, equipment & people get injured while having fun in the sun water skiing with their ski boat. In these times it is important to have the appropriate ski boat insurance coverage to manage the trouble waters of ski boat accidents. Contact Insurance Land today about properly covering your ski boat and it’s passengers. The right coverage will go a long way when the unexpected happens.

Florida Bass Boat Insurance

Bass Boat InsuranceWhen you have spent your whole day working hard to catch the perfect fish on your bass boat you don’t want to be left with an empty bucket by not having bass boat insurance. Though the waters may be calm it only takes one accident in your bass boat to send you home high and dry. Insurance Land works with individuals, families, and businesses to secure the appropriate bass boat insurance for your boating needs. Give us a call today and see how affordable ensuring your bass boat truly can be.

Florida Jet Ski Insurance

Florida Jet Ski InsuranceSpeeding through the water at 50 miles an hour is great fun on a jet ski. Having an accident at that speed is neither good for you or the jet ski and the result many times is hundreds or thousands of dollars spent to get you and your jet ski back to tip top condition. Having the proper jet ski insurance is a must. Insurance Land can customize a jet ski insurance quote for your specific needs. Give us a call today and protect your valuable equipment.

Florida Sail Boat Insurance

Florida Sailboat InsuranceSailing the high seas in your sailboat is an exhilarating experience, however, not navigating your way correctly or getting into rough seas can have a devastating result for you, your crew and your sailing boat. Having appropriate sailboat insurance is the way to start your sailing adventures. Be sure that you are properly covered with sailboat insurance so every sailing day is protected.

Florida Yacht Insurance

Florida Yacht InsuranceYou have made a significant investment into your yacht and now you need to make sure that your investment is protected end-to-end. Insurance Land can provide you with a custom quote for your yacht that will provide the protection that you need and want to ride worry free on the bay or ocean. Give Insurance Land a call today and allow us to provide you with FREE yacht quote. You have worked hard to get your yacht… doesn’t your investment deserve the best coverage available? Call today.

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