Factors That Affect Your Coverage

Factors That Affect Health and Life Insurance Coverage

Life and health insurance offers you a great opportunity to protect your life and that of your loved ones. You also get to make necessary provision against potential health hazards. If this is your first time shopping for life or health insurance, you may begin to wonder the amount it will cost you to purchase a suitable insurance policy.

The cost of life and health insurance policies are dependent on so many factors. Insurance Land, your reliable Florida Life Insurance, and Florida Health Insurance provider bring you some of the factors that determine the cost of life insurance policy and health insurance policy in Florida.


When it comes to life insurance, age is more than just a number. It remains the most important factor that determines the cost of life insurance premiums. Younger people receive lower rates since the risk of death is lesser, compared to adults. For this reason, it is advisable to purchase your life insurance policy at a very young age.


Just like age, weight also affects the cost of health insurance. Especially for individuals that are obese or overweight, they may have to pay higher premiums.

Current Health Status

During the application process for any of Life Insurance Florida or Health Insurance Florida policy, you will have to undergo a medical examination. This will show your current health status and any potential health risks. Your rate will be affected by the result of the exam.

Furthermore, your medical records may also be looked into by the insurance provider. In case you have had any minor or major health concerns sometimes ago, that can increase your risk of future serious health issues, you may end up paying higher rates.


As a result of statistics, gender is also a factor that determines the cost of life or health insurance coverage. Statistics have shown that women usually live longer than men. Hence, their insurance rates are lower compared to men.


Your occupation can also affect the rate of your life and health insurance. For those that perform dangerous duties which puts them at higher risk of getting injured, or exposes them to toxic chemicals, they are likely to pay for more insurance coverage.

Smoking & Drinking

It is no more a news that smoking and drinking constitute a serious health risk. Smoking can lead to a lot of chronic diseases including cancer, heart attack, etc., leading to untimely death. Drinking alcohol also affects the liver. Smokers and drinkers will have to pay higher insurance rates. However, if you have made up your mind to quit smoking or drinking, you may be asked to pay much lower life or health insurance premiums.

Lifestyle and Hobbies

The same way bad habits like smoking and drinking affect your life and health insurance coverage, dangerous activities like skydiving, skiing, and race car driving, etc., also affect your Florida Life Insurance and Florida Health Insurance rates. For those that take part in lifestyle and hobbies that are considered risky for the average citizen, they may have to pay higher insurance premiums.

The Insurance Policy

Lastly, a number of benefits included in the package, as well as the type and length of the insurance policy, will also determine the rate to be paid for the life or health insurance coverage. Long-term insurance policies often cost more, while permanent life insurance policies are the most expensive.

Other factors that affect Florida Life Insurance and Florida Health Insurance include marital status, family medical history, driving record, foreign travel, and purpose of insurance. Whatever the case may be, as your Florida Life Insurance or Florida Health Insurance provider to educate you on the most suitable insurance policy that will offer you the needed coverage.

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