Is Ebola Compensable Under Workers’ Compensation?

Along with all the concerns regarding the ongoing Ebola epidemic, here’s one many people probably haven’t considered: What about health care and life insurance costs if the disease were to become widespread in the U.S.?

insurance-ebolaThe effects on the Life and Health insurance industries will clearly depend on whether the infected people are insured. Some of those who have died up to now were children and almost certainly did not have life insurance.

Two tests must be satisfied before an illness or disease can be considered occupational and thus compensable under workers’ compensation.

  • First, the illness or disease must be “occupational,” meaning that it arose out of the course and scope of employment.
  • Second, ultimate compensability of an illness or disease is dependent upon the work or occupation of the employee; the illness or disease must arise out of or be caused by conditions “peculiar” to the work.


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