How Dash Cams Help Your Insurance Claim

How Dash Cams Help Your Insurance Claim Dashcams are relatively new devices that have been gaining in popularity for car owners. Placed in the center of the vehicle’s windshield just behind the rearview mirror, dashcams are a camera that continually records a driver’s view. They are an incredibly useful tool for motorists that provide a variety of convenient benefits. At Insurance Land in Orlando, Florida, our helpful team assists drivers […]

Reasons Why You Should Get Insured

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Insured Insurance is a form of financial risk management used to protect against the risk of contingent loss. Humans face daily risks such as theft, fire incident, untimely death, accident, business failure, natural disasters etc. Risks cannot be prevented but can be managed to produce minimal or no effect on the victim. This is one of the reasons behind the existence of insurance companies. […]

Common Car Insurance Gaps

Are You Protected for Everything? When shopping for car insurance in Florida, do you browse for the lowest premium and quickly settle for the cheapest offer? A low premium is sometimes a cover for dangerously high deductibles or crucial gaps in coverage that will leave you struggling. Instead of risking your well-being and throwing money away on insufficient insurance, be prepared to ask about these common gaps for auto insurance […]

Safety Tips To Avoid Insurance Claims

Every claim you make to your auto insurance or Florida homeowners insurance is a potential increase in your premium. Car insurance in Florida quickly increases in cost even for minor claims. Practice these easy and convenient habits to reduce the risk of a possible catastrophe. Road Safety 80 percent of vehicular accidents and even close calls are the direct result of a driver being distracted. Cell phones, in particular, are […]

Avoiding Auto Accidents During the Holidays

Common Causes of Holiday Accidents and How to Avoid Them The upcoming holiday season is the busiest time of year for travelers, particularly drivers who will be flooding our roads and highways in record numbers this year. Unfortunately, heavy traffic flow and  large numbers of families traveling vast distances also mean an increased risk of car accidents and mishaps across the country. Even a minor accident can seriously hinder your […]

Automobile Insurance Tips and Information

The Florida Bar provides an article that sums up important items to know about Auto Insurance in Florida. Automobile Insurance coverage must consist of at least $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) insurance and a minimum of $10,000 of property damage liability insurance. Though highly recommended, Bodily Injury Liability coverage (BIL) is generally not required in Florida. BIL pays for serious and permanent injury or death to others when your car […]

How Credit Scores Affect Insurance Rates

Back in the good old days insurance rates were determined by the driver’s age, sex, driving record and the type of car.  At that time you paid for homeowners insurance based on the type of construction and you got a big discount if you lived within three miles of a fire station.

Benefits of a Local Florida Auto Insurance Agent

What are some benefits of working with a local insurance agent rather than buying insurance online? We live in a time when just about anything can be purchased on the internet. Buying insurance online has grown more popular with each passing year. Most people who buy insurance online may do so because they believe they are getting the best price, or because they believe that saving time always equates to […]