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Reasons Why You Should Get Insured

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Insured

Insurance is a form of financial risk management used to protect against the risk of contingent loss. Humans face daily risks such as theft, fire incident, untimely death, accident, business failure, natural disasters etc.

Risks cannot be prevented but can be managed to produce minimal or no effect on the victim. This is one of the reasons behind the existence of insurance companies. Insurance companies assist insurers to manage risks by bearing the risks and guarantees recovery of financial loss caused.

There are various reasons why one should get insured. Insurance Land an insurance company will list below, the benefits of getting insured.        

  • It guarantees financial security

It guarantees financial backup when the insured is facing financial difficulty. Compensation is made to the insured by the insurance company against a financial loss. A payment of a considerable amount of premium is required in return.

  • Promote saving

According to the terms and policy of the insurer, the insured is expected to pay a sum of money for a designated period. This paid amount of money is known as premium. This is done in order to facilitate compensation ahead of future loss, retirement, or compensation to loved ones after death. Insurers have a system of collecting the premium from the insured. This process encourages saving. 

  • Minimizes risk

Risks take place in the daily life of humans. Financial risks in particular. This can lead to financial loss. The chances of this situation occurring can be hampered by taking preemptive and precautionary steps. Insurance companies assist the insured to come up with measures to forestall and future loss. Those insurers that have subscribed to their suggestion are compensated if a financial loss occurs.

  • Accident

In such an unprecedented situation like an accident, the insurer who is the victim is helped to manage costs of treatment and repairing or replacement of damaged automobile parts( if it’s an auto accident). This monetary crutching is done using money from the premium paid by the insurer. In a case when the insurer loses his/her life as a result of the accident, extra costs required to oversee his/her internment is footed by the insurance company.

  • Debts settlement

If you are enmeshed in a series of debt, you want to bequeath this burden to your family after you must have passed on. By getting insured, your debts will be taken care of by your insurers. Your debts will be sorted out and the financial security of your family will be secured.

  • Income generator

As the breadwinner of your family, your financial assistance will be hugely missed after you must have passed on if you are not insured. Your family will be immersed into a financial difficulty. Getting insured will make sure that your family doesn’t experience this unwanted situation. Your income generating responsibility won’t be greatly missed as they are provided with a financial assistance by your insurers.

  • Mortgage security

Your home may be your family’s asset. It may be your family’s biggest financial responsibility. With insurance, your family would be assisted to shoulder the task of paying for the mortgaged home. This is mainly carried out after you have passed away living your family to grapple with the daunting task of paying up the mortgage.

These are some of the mammoth reasons and benefits you should get insured. Get insured today, get financially secured today.

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Common Car Insurance Gaps

Are You Protected for Everything?

When shopping for car insurance in Florida, do you browse for the lowest premium and quickly settle for the cheapest offer? A low premium is sometimes a cover for dangerously high deductibles or crucial gaps in coverage that will leave you struggling. Instead of risking your well-being and throwing money away on insufficient insurance, be prepared to ask about these common gaps for auto insurance in Florida. 

Who Pays for the Rental Car?

Florida Car InsuranceFollowing an accident, your first concern will probably be about how much the repairs may or may not cost you. However, a more pressing issue might be regarding how you are going to get around while your ride is in the shop. Many policies for car insurance in Florida do not necessarily cover transportation costs or rental coverage while you wait on repairs.

Fortunately, adding this protection is usually not expensive and worth the extra premium. Ask details about how much is provided, so you do not get left stranded at the repair shop.

Are You Ready for Flood Season?

Very few insurance policies include flood damage, but Florida residents are at continual risk for exactly that. While it can be difficult to find affordable flooding auto insurance in Florida, you can contact the federal National Flood Insurance Program to sign up for protection. Regardless of how you stay covered, make sure you plan ahead for the next big storm.

Are Your Valuables Safe?

You selected the right car insurance in Florida to cover the expenses for your broken window and damaged radio, but you might be out of luck when it comes to the designer bag you left in the back seat. Personal items like jewelry, watches, clothes, laptops, tablets, phones and cash that people often leave lying in cars may not always be protected in your insurance claim.

Will You Get A Replacement?

The most commonly overlooked gap for auto insurance in Florida involves reimbursement of a totaled vehicle. Many car owners are dismayed to find that their insurance only reimburses a fraction of the value, sometimes requiring that drivers pay the difference in car loans. Most policies only require reimbursement for the fair market value of your vehicle, meaning the original cost that you paid minus depreciation even if you still owe more than that.

Does ‘No Fault’ Mean That I Am Protected?

Because we live in a No-Fault state in regards to auto insurance in Florida, all drivers are required to purchase a minimum Personal Injury Protection insurance. This covers any physical injuries and missed wages following an accident, regardless of who is at fault. However, if you purchased only the minimum state requirements you are only protected for $10,000, and the average car related injury costs anywhere between $8,000 and $60,000. For minor accidents, you may be sufficiently protected, but a major injury could end in serious out-of-pocket costs.   

In Summary: Understand Your Policy

You should never assume that your auto insurance in Florida will protect from every eventuality. The only real protection will be a full and comprehensive understanding of your coverage and risks. Speak to an experienced agent about the details of your insurance policy to guarantee that you receive the type of coverage you need.

Safety Tips To Avoid Insurance Claims

Road Sign about distracted drivers

Every claim you make to your auto insurance or Florida homeowners insurance is a potential increase in your premium. Car insurance in Florida quickly increases in cost even for minor claims. Practice these easy and convenient habits to reduce the risk of a possible catastrophe.

Road Safety

80 percent of vehicular accidents and even close calls are the direct result of a driver being distracted. Cell phones, in particular, are said to be as detrimental to a driver as alcohol impairment, and rates for car insurance in Florida skyrocketing if you are at fault texting and driving. Save all texts, drive through meals, and phone calls for the end of your trip.

To guarantee your focus, always be in a driving frame of mind when you get behind the wheel. Never drive when tired, angry, crying, intoxicated, or medicated. All of these conditions will impair your judgment and set you up for driving that is erratic and dangerous. 

Travel Safety

Long road trips become particularly dangerous when drivers succumb to highway hypnosis. Focusing on the same spot for an extended length of time is difficult, and even the most experienced drivers experience fatigue behind the wheel. Play music or roll the windows down to keep you in the moment. Above all, if you feel tired or spacey, pull over a take a break.

Before embarking on any long trip, pack your trunk with a few must-have items.

Your emergency roadside supply should include:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Umbrella
  • Jumper Cables
  • Tow Rope

Experienced travelers will also carry useful tools for any eventuality (gas can, tire sealant, water, blanket, etc). Always check the condition of your spare tire and car jack, as well.

For minor emergencies, you can avoid calling assistance with auto insurance in Florida with a little technical know-how. If you are not already familiar with basic car maintenance, have someone teach you the essentials. Be comfortable changing a tire, checking the oil, and other helpful quick fixes that will spare you from being stranded.

Fire Safety

A crucial factor in fire safety is to maintain working smoke detectors in the house. Always replace batteries at least once a year before they get low.

Many claims for Florida homeowners insurance can be avoided by using candles, ovens, heaters, and other household items responsibly. Always be attentive to candles and cooking food, and know the location and instructions for a nearby extinguisher. Use products like heaters and grills according to their directions.

Storm Safety

Homeowners insurance in Florida is particularly crucial during hurricane season. Always keep a close watch on weather reports to allow yourself plenty of time to prepare the house for impending storms. Remove any patio furniture or garden supplies that could become dangerous projectiles in high-speed winds. You can protect your home from flood damage by guarding entryways with sandbags. 

Even during a small storm, lightning strikes can send power surges that quickly wipe out electronics in your home. Unplug computers, TVs, and expensive equipment to avoid losing it all in a flash.


If you are leaving your home unattended for a long period, do your best to make the home still appear inhabited. Leave on lights, and if possible connect them to a timer to imitate movement. Have the postal company freeze sending mail while you are gone or ask a neighbor to check in occasionally. Burglars will also avoid a home that is well lit around doors and windows, making concealment difficult.

Avoiding Auto Accidents During the Holidays

Common Causes of Holiday Accidents and How to Avoid Them

The upcoming holiday season is the busiest time of year for travelers, particularly drivers who will be flooding our roads and highways in record numbers this year. Unfortunately, heavy traffic flow and  large numbers of families traveling vast distances also mean an increased risk of car accidents and mishaps across the country. Even a minor accident can seriously hinder your holiday plans, especially if your auto insurance for Florida is insufficient to get you comfortably home. Avoid these key features that contribute to holiday accidents and arrive safely at your destination.      

Alcohol: The Deadliest Factor

The most common cause of fatal accidents on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s is alcohol. Intoxicated drivers account for nearly a third of motor vehicle fatalities during this celebratory season. Car insurance in Orlando will usually still pay the liability limits of your coverage plan if you are involved in a DUI-related accident, but your rates will increase and no coverage will protect you from jail time if you incur criminal charges. Protect yourself with responsible practices if you plan to imbibe this season.

  • Assign a Designated Driver
  • Take Time to Sober Up With Food, Sleep, or a Shower Before Driving
  • Have Plenty of  Water Between Drinks
  • If Necessary, Take a Taxi

Accidents are also common this year where intoxicated pedestrians are struck by motorists. In addition,  to responsible drinking, also be cautious of others who may be less coherent and pose an equally serious threat.

Weather: The Dangers of Winter

Many families this year will be traveling an average round trip of over 500 miles. Along the way, especially for those leaving the comfort of the sunbelt, you may encounter frost, flurries, heavy snow, and long stretches of icy roads. Is your car fitted with the proper tires? Are you traveling through an area that regularly salts their highways? Many companies providing car insurance in Florida will provide a discount if you pass a driver safety course. Even if you are prepared for long travels through inclement weather,  the risk still exists of other less experienced drivers losing control and hitting you. Stay alert and drive safely to protect your family and avoid rising rates to your auto insurance in Florida.

  • Leave Plenty of Room for Careful, Correct Braking
  • Refrain From Using Cruise Control
  • Prepare Tires, Fluids, Headlight, Etc
  • Check Weather Conditions Before Leaving
  • Distractions: Juggling a Busy Carpool

While you drive, are you checking texts on your cell phone while entering information on navigating apps? Are fussing with your spouse over radio settings while your kids bicker in the back seat? Some studies have shown that driving distracted is every bit as detrimental as driving drunk, and the holidays, in particular, are full of constant distractions. Car insurance for Florida residents is drastically affected by your ability to stay focused and keep your eyes on the road. It only takes a few seconds to overlook an unexpected pedestrian, deer or a stopped car on the road.

  • Plan Your Route Before Leaving and Assign a Navigator
  • Pull Over to Make Adjustments
  • Avoid Phone Calls
  • Never Drive Angry, Tired, or Upset

Automobile Insurance Tips and Information

The Florida Bar provides an article that sums up important items to know about Auto Insurance in Florida.

Homeowners Insurance Orlando Central FloridaAutomobile Insurance coverage must consist of at least $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) insurance and a minimum of $10,000 of property damage liability insurance.

Though highly recommended, Bodily Injury Liability coverage (BIL) is generally not required in Florida. BIL pays for serious and permanent injury or death to others when your car is involved in an accident, and the driver of your car is found to be at fault to some extent.

All auto insurance policies must include a summary and an outline of coverage in clear understandable terms.

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New Car Seat Belt Requirement Age In Florida

Florida Car Seat Law Change | Insurance LandThe child car seat belt law has changed in Florida due to a new law passed by Florida Governor Scott. No more strapping your 5 year old children in with normal adult seat belts. CLICK HERE to read more.

How Credit Scores Affect Insurance Rates

how credit scores affect your insurance ratesBack in the good old days insurance rates were determined by the driver’s age, sex, driving record and the type of car.  At that time you paid for homeowners insurance based on the type of construction and you got a big discount if you lived within three miles of a fire station.
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Benefits of a Local Florida Auto Insurance Agent

What are some benefits of working with a local insurance agent rather than buying insurance online?

We live in a time when just about anything can be purchased on the internet. Buying insurance online has grown more popular with each passing year. Most people who buy insurance online may do so because they believe they are getting the best price, or because they believe that saving time always equates to saving money. While it’s true that some online insurance sites offer a comparison quote, things are not always what they appear. And are you really saving that much time?

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